Why Inovano might be better for your site than Google Analytics

Take away the complexity

Google Analytics is a very powerful tool, but it is also very complex. You need developers or certified marketing wizards to get to the full potential of the product. At Inovano we created a simple dashboard which gives an overview of all the data you care about. In one glance you are up-to-date.

Google analytics also collects an enormous amount of data about your visitors, most of which you will never need. If you care most about the core metrics of your site, Inovano has everything you need.

Own your data

Google built its business about data. All the data it collects disappears into their algorithms and you will never know what happens with it afterwards. It will stay with Google forever.

With Inovano, you own all your website data. Because we charge a fair fee, we don't need to sell your date to be profitable. We will never use, share or sell your data. It is yours and only yours.

Respect the privacy of your users

Google Analytics is created by the biggest advertisement company in the world. Their script is installed on the vast majority of websites in the world. They can track your visitors everywhere they go.

More and more people are getting aware of this invasion of privacy. There is a growing privacy-first movement and Inovano is part of it. We provide website analytics without collecting any personal information. Your users are safe, and you still get valuable insights of your website analytics.

GDPR, PECR and CCPA compliant

Not only visitors are getting more aware of the big-tech privacy absorbing business model. Lawmakers want website owners to get more explicit about tracking and collecting personal data. Europe has created the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to give more protection to consumers. The United Kingdom (PECR) and California in the United States (CCPA) have introduced similar regulations.

When you use Google Analytics you need to ask explicit consent of your users to collect, store and give away their personal information on your site. Inovano doesn't use personal data at all, so you do not need to ask anything.

No more cookies

Google Analytics works by installing a small piece of information on each visitors computer that is unique to him or her. This is installed in what is called a cookie. Because this cookie contains all information to identify one user and is used for tracking, you need to ask consent.

Not with Inovano! We do not use, store or otherwise process personal information. So you don't need to ask consent for using our services. We don't even use cookies. So those pesky cookie banners that take up half the screen can finally be removed.

Your site speed matters

Because Google Analytics tracks so much about your visitors, the script that you install on your website has a significant size. In a world where the speed of your website can influence your sales, you don't want to load extra heavy scripts when it is not needed.

The script that Inovano uses is 20 times smaller that the script of Google Analytics. It also uses every modern technique available to make sure your site won't even notice it's there. Read more about the script in our documentation.

Avoid ad blockers

A lot of people are freaked out about targeted advertisements, irritating marketing and attention-seeking banners. It is increasingly creepy to see what advertisement companies know about you. To make the internet fun again, they often use ad-blockers. These are small and simple programs you can install in browsers to block tracking scripts. Google Analytics is mostly blocked by these ad-blockers, so you won't see those visitors in your analytics.

Inovano is not an advertisement company and we don't process or sell personal information either. By focusing on website analytics only we mostly stay unaffected by these ad-blockers.

But Google Analytics is free...

Google Analytics is free because their business is not giving you a website analytics tool. They make billions of dollars collecting data about people and using that data to sell advertisements. Remember that, when you are not paying for a product, you are the product.

Inovano was built to give you valuable website analytics and insights with respect for privacy. And only for that purpose. So we have to charge for it. That is the only way we can keep the servers running.

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