Simple website analytics with respect for privacy

All the essential information about your website, without the privacy concerns and annoying cookie banners.

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Privacy first

Stop giving your users' data away to the big advertisement companies. Respect their privacy and never let them be tracked.

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GDPR, PECR & CCPA compliant

We never store IP addresses or track your users, not even anonymised. That's why we are GDPR, PECR and CCPA compliant out of the box.


No cookies

Don't annoy your users with those annoying cookie banners. We don't use cookies, so you never have to ask them permission.

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Analytics for every site

An easy to use analytics platform that gives you all the information you need.

  • All essential information in one simple overview

  • Lightweight script which keeps your site fast

  • Simple to set up and integrate

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Inovano versus Google Analytics

How a small analytics start-up might be better for your website than a multi-billion dollar international company.

Privacy first

People are getting tired of being tracked all over the internet. Join the privacy-first movement and protect your users from the big advertisement companies.

Protect your users

We never track your users. We don't store IP addresses or any other private information. We don't even use cookies! This makes us fully GDPR, PECR and CCPA compliant out of the box.

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All your data is in Europe

We are a European company and store all your analytics information on European servers. We will never sell or use it. It's yours and only yours.

Want to protect your visitors' privacy?

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What we can offer you

We are a simple but powerful website analytics platform. We show you what you need to know about your website on a single dashboard, without tracking or storing your visitors’ personal information.

Live & real-time data

Your dashboard is always up to date. Get insights in what is happening on your site right now. No sampling, always correct data.

Top pages

Content is king, they say. So you need to know what is the most popular on your site. You have a complete overview of your most visited pages.

Top referrers

Get a full overview of where your users are coming from. You get answers about who is driving traffic to your site and which marketing campaigns are working.

Weekly email reports

You don't always have time to check your analytics. Our opt-in weekly email report gives you a quick overview on what happened on your site.

Your data is yours, and only yours

All data about your site that we collect is your data. We collect it, store it and back it up. But if you ever want to export or remove it, you can.

Friendly support

Our primary concern is making you happy. If you need help with anything, we are here to help. Just drop us a message and we'll respond as soon as possible.

Setup is easy

Just add the next two lines of code to the end of your page. That's it!

<script async id="inovano-script" src=""></script>
<noscript><img src="" alt=""></noscript>

Did you fall in love with privacy first analytics?

Great! So did we. We want to change the world and we can use your help with that! With every new site that starts respecting their users privacy, we are a little step closer to a better, more privacy friendly internet. And by using Inovano you can be a part of that change.